Ninfa con Sátiro
Francois Boucher

Name: Nymph with Satyr

Material: Oil on Canvas

Measures: 80x63 cm

Current property: Private collection

Condition: In perfect condition

Appraisal value: between € 3,200,000 and € 3,600,000


The work is a pictorial representation of the naked figures of a Nymph, a Satyr and a Cherub, reclining on the cloths of a bed.

About the Author:

Born: 29 September 1703
Paris, Kingdom of France

Died: 30 May 1770 (aged 66)
Paris, Kingdom of France

Nationality: French

Known for: Painting

Movement: Rococo

It is with François Boucher that lavish France transforms into gallant France. His painting expresses the taste of an era and he embodies not only the painter, but the witness, the representative, the model, as the Goncourt brothers maintained. Boucher will be the favorite painter of the aristocracy and the great financiers, he even sends his works to Sweden. The Parisian hotels are filled with their works and the orders of the Court are also raining.

His first works celebrated the tranquility of nature and the evasion granted by the countryside. His work forgets the traditional innocence of the peasant, and impregnates his scenes with some eroticism, and his mythological scenes are passionate and loving, instead of the typical epics.

Many of his paintings were small format, for private rooms and not for large official rooms, so they were designed to be seen close up and its surface reminds of porcelain.

The Marquise de Pompadour, who was synonymous with Rococo art, was a great admirer of Boucher's work, and it is in the portraits of Boucher that the painter shows his style more clearly. This intimate style contrasts with the explicit images he portrays in the portraits of the odalisques, as can be seen in the Naked at rest. The face of the woman is that of her own

Images in detail:

wife (Diderot said that Boucher was "prostituting his wife") and, according to legends, the glutes are those of Madame de Pompadour.

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